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The FEEDGROW® system is excellent for feeding sheep, cattle, goats, pigs and most game species. The low acid content of the seed sprouts makes the use of this feed perfectly safe for all mentioned livestock.

The following observations were made whilst using FEEDGROW® sprouts:

  • Exceptional good growth rate.
  • Increased milk production.
  • Improved overall appearance and wool features.
  • Improved quality meat colour and texture.
  • High protein and energy are supplied by a small number of sprouts.

The benefits of FEEDGROW® sprouts:

The quantity of feed required by sheep is determined by the breed, age and size of the stock. The advantage of the use of the FEEDGROW® system is that the quantities of feed needed for a particular herd can be produced all year. Most races eat 2% of their body weight in feed per day. As opposed to lucerne grazing there are no limitations on certain species due to bloating and toxins.

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