Feedgrow International and Sangiro Lodge helps Bfn Zoo antelope

Thanks to two compassionate Samaritans, 24 antelope – 2 of them lambs, were recently moved from the Bloemfontein Zoo to a new home.

Mornay Ludeke, owner of Feedgrow International and Marius Strydom, owner of the Sangiro and Bains Game Lodges, were so moved by the fate of the zoo animals that they immediately took action. Ludeke and Strydom made a few calls and within 24 hours 21 impalas and 3 deer – 2 of them lambs – were moved to a safe game farm where they were established with other animals.

“We are not looking to gain anything from this. We did this for the animals,” Ludeke replied when asked why Feedgrow International and Sangiro Lodge got involved.

However, it was not all. A whole truckload of feed, donated by the kind-hearted Pretorius brothers from Bainsvlei, was delivered to the antelope’s new home.