Basic Facts

What we know

The most common enquiry for FEEDGROW comes from those interested in producing their own animal feed. Whether for small hobby interests or for more serious farmers, South Africans are wanting to hear more about how sprouted barley can benefit them.

No one claims that the FEEDGROW units is a new idea. In fact, farmers in parts of Europe began using similar principles over two centuries ago and still sprout grain today for their animals. It’s nothing new, it’s just designed as a smarter, easier and more effective way of sprouting grain that doesn’t cost farmers the earth!

What the Scientist knows

The key advantages of sprouting barley grain is an excellent energy source when used in ruminant diets. In South Africa, it is an affordable grain to purchase all year round. By sprouting barley the nutritional value of the grain actually increases on a dry matter basis. Science tells us that by shooting grain over a six day period we increase its dry matter, protein, and fibre as well as other beneficial properties.

The key advantage of sprouting grain and the secret of the real benefits of ‘green over grain’ is the increased ability to digest the fodder once it has been consumed by an animal.

Any feeding strategy must be able to answer the question “is it worth it?” Barley Seeds can keep animals in good condition. Remember; “it’s easier to keep an animal in good condition than to fatten one from poor condition”.