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Benefits of barley sprouts

There are many advantages to the sprouts, that are organically grown to perfection. The sprouts consist of several vitamins and minerals and convert difficult digested starches into easily digested proteins to offer a high nutritional value to livestock.

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The system is excellent for feeding sheep, cattle, goats, pigs and most game species. The low acid content of the seed sprouts makes the use of this feed perfectly safe for all mentioned livestock.

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The quantity of feed required by a horse is determined by the size and the particular workload of the horse. By feeding barley sprouts, a total of 60% - 100% of their current diet can be replaced. Horses that require very high starch nutrition can still use the normal feed that is currently given to them.

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The quantity of feed required for cattle is determined by the race, age and size (frame) of the animal. The benefit of the system is that it produces the correct amount...

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Pigs and Poultry

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A: The FEEDGROW system will do the following for you: You can increase your stock numbers eg. The system can feed up to 375 sheep, 80 cattle, or 30 horses per day !!! Increased weight gains eg. Lambs have an ADG of 250g/day and calves 1,6kg/day on the sprouts Increased herd health, fertility & increased milk production. Improved meat quality thus a premium on your meat. You can sell when the market price is right due to your ample food reserves The system will sustain you through the worst drought and keep you in full livestock production, providing fresh green barley sprouts available daily, 365 days of the year regardless of the prevailing climatic conditions in your area. No large land is required with pivots or irrigation systems, pumps, huge electricity bills, tractors and implements with high diesel consumption, high maintenance and fertilizer costs etc. “farm in a box” with the system. Only one labourer is required which means labour costs are minimised. You can speculate with livestock eg. Gestated/pregnant old ewes which provide you with an income on the ewe, lamb and wool growth, all this is made possible due to the high nutritional value and soft palatability of the barley sprouts. By introducing the new lambs to the FEEDGROW® barley sprouts as a starter feed at an early stage, the lambs can now be weaned earlier and the ewes are re-introduced to the rams also at an earlier stage. (a production increase)
A: Several trials have proven that barley seed has the highest nutritional value to growth ratio of all green fodder in a six to seven day cycle.
A: The barley seeds usually take six to seven days to grow from seed to nutritious feed in a managed & maintained chamber.
A: Animals like sheep, cattle, goats, horses, pigs, chickens as well as most game species can be fed on barley sprouts. As opposed to Lucerne grazing there are no limitations on certain species due to bloating and toxins.

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